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Level 3

Shortcut Icons Missing


When repackaging using AdminStudio 2016 to convert Applications to an MSI, we encounter this on going issue with shortcut icons when coming to the Installshield editor.

Legion SpaceWorks for example has 9 different shortcuts (please see attachment) yet, we cannot find the correct icons for each shortcut within the newly packaged .msi

Is there a work around for this? It is becoming highly frustrating as there is no clear guidance for this issue.
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Level 9

It's not showing in your screen shot, but if you following that Icon line to the right there is an ellipsis that you can click on to select the icon from the resource. If you click on that do you get any to choose from? If not, you might try deleting and recreating one of those shortcuts and see if that shakes it out. Otherwise, it sounds a bit like a bug when doing this conversion. I've only used MSI for years so have not had to convert from AdminStudio - that could certainly be part of the problem I suppose - my icons in a default MSI have always worked fine.

Another thing to try would be to start a new project and just add one of these shortcuts and see if it presents the icon properly. If so, again sounds like a bug in this situation if that happens.

The one FAQ here has a link to actual Flexera support.


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