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Setup launcher created using IS2015 SP2 creates multiple PIDs

After installing SP2 for InstallShield 2015 it was noticed that setup launchers produced would appear to end prematurely per SCCM and report a failure, yet the setup would complete successfully. I used procmon to determine that the launcher would spin up a 2nd PID and shut down the first PID. Since SCCM watches for the instantiated PID this explained the behavior. I confirmed this is unique to SP2 by uninstalling IS2015 and re-running the install with only SP1, recompiling the launcher and watching with procmon. I can't find any documentation related to this behavioral change or where it can be modified. This type of behavior cannot work in our environment which leads me to concerns about it existing in future versions of IS as well.
I should add that these were not new projects, but rather projects I've produced several iterations of over the past couple of years.
Has anyone else experienced this or know of a way to override this behavior?
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Level 7

I also Installed SP2 and after that the setup doesn't wait when running it from command line,
/clone_wait seems to be working.
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