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Setup does not start - no log is created

A customer has a problem with installing one specific product. The setup package is extracted and the language dialog is shown. After choosing one language nothing more is happening. There are no entries in the application log nor is there a log file created - which is our default setting in the package creation.

Other products of us can be installed.

Do you have any tips, where to look further?

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When you say "nor is there a log file created - which is our default setting in the package creation", I assume you mean generating Windows Installer log files.  That log file isn't created until the MSI starts running.  InstallShield's Setup.exe has its own setup logging (if you ask for it).

Have them run the command setup.exe /debuglog and then send that log file back to you.  From the "Setup.exe and Update.exe Command-Line Parameters" Installshield Help topic:


Basic MSI, InstallScript MSI

The /debuglog parameter lets you generate a log file for Setup.exe.

To generate a log named InstallShield.log in the same directory as the Setup.exe file, pass just the command-line parameter. Note that this does not work if the Setup.exe file is in a read-only location. For example:

setup.exe /debuglog

To specify the name and location of the log file, pass the path and name, as in the following example:

Setup.exe /debuglog"C:\PathToLog\setupexe.log"

To generate a log file for the feature prerequisites in the installation, use the /v parameter to set the ISDEBUGLOG property to the full path and file name for the log file, as follows:

Setup.exe /debuglog"C:\PathToSetupLogFile\setup.log" /v"ISDEBUGLOG=prereq.log"

You can use directory properties and environment variables in the path for the feature prerequisite log file.

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