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Setup Prerequisites Screen Order

Can anyone help me, how to change the Setup Prerequisites Screen which should come after validation of serial number / customer information screen. Please note I am not asking the order of Setup Prerequisites setup files order. I want the Setup Prerequisites screen itself to be shown after validating the serial number. By default InstallShield is showing the Setup Prerequisites screen as the first screen this I want to change as per my requirement.

Srivignesh Jaganathan
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Flexera MichaelU

Re: Setup Prerequisites Screen Order

We have no support for this requirement. The prerequisites dialog is shown by the bootstrap before the MSI is launched, and the bootstrap has no support for validating serial numbers. However, if you do not need to show the prerequisites screen, you can use Feature Prerequisites to launch the prerequisites after the Install button is clicked (and thus also after the serial number page of your wizard). Note that some types of installations (such as the .NET framework) are inadvisable to run as feature prerequisites.
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Flexera beginner

How would I get the EULA to show before the prerequisites?

Along the same lines as Srivignesh original post... how would I set up my basic MSI install to always show the EULA first (even before the prerequisites)? I tried using Feature Prerequisites as suggested but then I didn't get the nice dialog of what prereqs needed to be installed. Also, on an uninstall wouldn't the feature prerequisites uninstall when its matching feature did? That would not be good!
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