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Setting a condition to Not Install if file exists

I have a SQL CE database that I don't want overwritten if it already exists.

In Setup Design, I selected AllOtherFiles2, which is where the sdf resides.

I entered Not Installed as the condition. I got that information here.

This doesn't seem to be working.

I changed the version number of my msi and installed directly over top the older version. The database was overwritten with a blank database.

I also found this thread.

I created a DBFOUND property in system search when the db is found, and put Not DBFOUND.

With this, it found my DB (got the message I put for it), but did not continue installation of my product.

I just want it to silently check for installation of the database, and if it is there, don't uninstall and reinstall. Just continue on with the rest of the installation.

For my exe, I always want to uninstall and reinstall it.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

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Level 3

After setting Permanent to Yes, and Never Overwrite to Yes for the database in Setup Design, I got the results I wanted.

However I am still curious on how to set a condition that allows continuation of install.
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