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Level 3

Sequences Installation Execute Help

I'm having problems understanding the Sequences - Installation - Execute section.

I'm needing to execute another MSI program for a 3rd party vendor to install their library files on the users computer along with our application. I'm including this MSI file in my list of files included in my installation.

I created a function that would run the LaunchAppAndWait procedure to run their MSI program.

I created a Custom Action that would run my function.

I inserted this Custom Action at where I thought would be near the end of the Installation Execute sequence after the "PublishProduct" sequence. (The only things listed after it are the ScheduleReboot, InstallFinalize, & ISSelfRegisterFinalize.)

I have a message box being displayed if it fails to run which it is failing because the files (and directory) have not even been created at that time. (when I get the message box error message, using a windows explorer to look at the directory where I'm installing to, the directory hasn't been created in the Program Files directory yet).

So is there a better place to put my Custom Action or is there a better way to launch this separate MSI program at the end of my installation process.

I appreciate any help I can get on this. I only have an intermediate (if that at all) IS knowledge, so please explain in a way I can understand. Thanks 😉
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Level 8

If you are tryting to call one msi within another msi its will fail. MSI's doesnt support that. So in your case try to call the 3rd party msi after the ExecuteAction in the UI sequence.
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Level 5

Executing an MSI after the UI sequence but just before the Execute sequence is something I've done in one of my projects. The notable danger there is that you must keep in mind that it will not be executed during silent installs.
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Level 3

Looks like that is working for me.

I was having a problem with the TARGETDIR and INSTALLDIR paths appear to be empty when I was executing them using the action of Defered Execution. But doing them in the UI sequence they can be done back as Execute Immediate so now the paths are present. So this looks like it will work.

Thank you.
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