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Same File - both the application contains...


Am new to install Shield.

I have an one application and trying to install in to the target machine. it has so many files, registry entries, service and shortcuts....

I have one more application and trying to install into the target has so many files, registry entries, service and shortcuts....

I would like to inform you that both the applications contains one file with the same name and its' extenstion also same, however the content is different.

Also, i want to tell you that both the applications install at the same location. in such case what should i do?

if i unstall first application, it is removing the file. where as when i try to access the second application, it is giving problem. because it was removed by the first application.

How can i solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.
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Level 8

Please read the basics of setup development and deployment before posting.

Also, what do you expect as outcome in the scenario you have mentioned.
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Level 3

Different packages deploying the same file however the files are different versions.

By using Isoloation component, it seems we can solve the above problem. , however am not clear how to use this isoloation component.

Please share if anyone knows about it.
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Level 17

I believe the isolation functionality that you mentioned is applicable to App-V packages, a technology for which the product is not actually installed on the target system. That isolation functionality is not applicable to traditional installations.

For more information on App-V support, see "Creating Microsoft App-V Applications" in the InstallShield Help Library.
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