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SUITE: Property value trimmed

I have a custom dialog in a suite project that contains a text box that will contain an encrypted license key(112 characters). The text box does not have any style bits configured. My text box is 245W, 35H. My suite project was upgraded from a 2013 project.

What we hope is that the customer will copy and paste the key into the text box. However, when I do this, the property for the text box contains an abbreviated value.

For example:
Pasted Value: EAAAAPb+iE/+QwouVhhDUvwmSlrcVEHWhFPGk76xDtFut97sZgn5ulLcy8U4aRFvqJbO4m4fH43zVb0pEiDZPDWw9DscBpnNN6VFvDvs+GOE0Lno
Property Value: EAAAAPb+iE/+QwouVhhDUvwmSlrcVEHWhFPGk76xDtFut97sZgn5ulLcy8
The property only shows 58 characters of the 112 required.

I tried to set the text box style for multi-line but the property is even worse, it cuts off at the first '/' character.
The rich text box does not offer the functionality I require, such as setting a property and the changed event. I suspect that this is a read-only control as well.

Also, when I set the text box to multi-line I get some strange text artifact at the bottom of the control. My text box is 245W, 35H. The artifacts look like letters but I only see about 3 pixels of the top of the tops of the characters.

How do I get the setup to work correctly and assign the appropriate property value?


Notice the character artifacts when Multi-Line is selected. This appears to be the text from the title of the dialog. In this case it is called 'Active Support License'. Any ideas on why it would draw the title characters in my multi-line text box? Also, when I navigate to the dialog the text artifact goes away.

This image is with ES_MULTILINE, ES_AUTOVSCROLL, and WS_VSCROLL. Note where lines breaks are positioned. Here is the information from the debug log file:
12-10-2015[11:08:12 AM]: Engine: property 'EMAIL' value now ''
12-10-2015[11:08:12 AM]: UI DLL: Executing Actions on Email.TextChanged
12-10-2015[11:08:12 AM]: UI DLL: Skipping action due to false condition.
12-10-2015[11:12:37 AM]: Engine: property 'CIPHER' value now 'EAAAAPb+iE/'
12-10-2015[11:12:37 AM]: UI DLL: Executing Actions on Cipher.TextChanged

Even though I have a potential solution using the ES_AUTOHSCROLL, it seems to me that the property value should work with the ES_MULTILINE as well or some combination with the vertical auto scroll.
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Level 13

The property is set correctly if the style bit 'ES_AUTOHSCROLL' is set. I am going to play with this in conjunction with the multi-line bit as this looks better on the dialog.

UPDATE: This ONLY works with AUTOHSCROLL. Any other style bits breaks the desired behavior for setting a property value so that I can validate the encrypted key.
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