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SUITE Project - Can we use C# dll for control validations in Suite Project type

Hi All,

We have InstallShield 2011 and are exploring InstallShield 2013 Premier version.

We have a requirement of having Suite project installer which has SQL Server validations (will create custom dialog for to capture SQL server, user name and password). I have done the dialog design, but needs validation of SQL check before moving further.

I have seen information to do validations using C++ component. But for us, C++ costs more interms of maintenance. Can we have the same in C#?

Please help me out with sample code so that I can achive the task.

Thanks & Regards,
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

Managed suite extensions are not supported in InstallShield 2013. It's not impossible, but it's far from trivial and we do not offer instructions on doing it.
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You can execute any C# executable using Suite project, however, it currently does not support writing properties to the project.
For instance I have some events that shut down services prior to executing a package. I use a C# exe for this and just pass in the correct parameter as an argument.

The only gotcha is that I cannot utilize these custom events UNTIL .NET has been installed correctly since we support XP - current OS release. So I am just careful of where I execute my item.

The exe can have a return code based on your action and the setup can take action based on the return code of the exe.

So, it depends on what you are looking to accomplish. If you need to get and set properties from the suite package, then it is not possible. For these I have instead used InstallScript custom actions.
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