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Level 3

SQL file in "SQL Scripts" are not executed during minor upgrade

SQL files under "SQL Scripts" belongs to one Feature and this Feature is always true.

for the fresh install, these SQL files are executed without any problem.

However, during minor upgrade this sql files are ignored completely.

and installer does not show "'Custom Action' executing SQL"

I am quite a newbie for installshield and really don't know why.
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Level 3

I put it to log and find following things:

The SQL script xxxxx is not scheduled to execute
Skip the SQL connection 'xxxxx'. There is no script to execute under this connection.
1: No SQL scripts scheduled to execute under the connection...Skip.

Why it skips the SQL script?

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Level 3

I find some related URL, but I am not clear why it happens.

This should be a simple problem, but nobody gave a clear answer
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Level 17

Did you check if the component that is associated with your SQL script reinstalls? SQL scripts are explicitly tied to component states. If the component does not reinstall, then the SQL script does not run. If that is the case, you would need to figure out why the component thinks it does not need to reinstall.

You may want to try the MSIENFORCEUPGRADECOMPONENTRULES property to see if there is any violation against the upgrade component rules.

Hope that helps.
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