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SQL Server 2012 Express does not resume on reboot

Hi Everyone,

My application needs to install SQL Server 2012 Express SP2. At some point during the prerequisite installation, the system requires a reboot. After rebooting, SQL Server is not installed yet, but the setup continues with the installation, and then later fails when trying to connect to SQL Server.

A workaround at the moment is to cancel the setup after the reboot, and then restart it. But to customers this may sound like a bug.

Have anyone had the same problem and maybe a fix or proper workaround for this?

Thanks is advance,
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Level 6

Sounds like you need a different Prerequisite Condition. Use the Prerequisite Editor to check.

For SQL Server 2012 Express (x64) we use:
If the specified registry key DOES NOT EXIST
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\110\SQLServer2012
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