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Level 2

SQL Scripts - can you refresh Script at build time

Is there a way to have the SQL Script file refreshed automatically at build time from a SQL Script file?

I was able to get the install to correctly run my script. However, it seems Installshield pulls the contents of the SQL Script file in and does not refresh from the SQL file ( we build the SQL file during our DB build process).

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Level 6

Hello kvarga.

I do not completely understand the problem you are facing,but if you are using IS 2011 Premier,
you can use 'Build Event' function in relase view.

To use Build Event 'Prebuild Event', you can run a *.bat file before building process. So it may be able to over-write/change/refresh
your SQL script located under product folder
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Level 4

I was wondering if I can have the InstallScript Consume a SQL script, rather than import a SQL script.

I'm looking for something along the lines of:
executeSQLScript(SUPPORTDIR ^ "SQLScript.sql");

Does anybody have an answer for this? The SQL Script view seems to open a script file and import, and if I change the script file on my harddrive, changes are not made to the file.


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Level 8

If you are using the sql script functionality of IS then under a new sql connection try to select Insert Script Files... rather than Import Script Files... it will point to the original location so that when you edit the sql files in the path it will get reflected automatically.
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