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Running Setup.exe as admin user causes all other users to look for admin folder

I set ALLUSERS = 1 and MSIINSTALLPERUSER = "" in the InstallShield 2011 software using the custom actions and sequences

In Windows 7
I then ran the setup.exe file from "C:\Users\admin\Desktop\Setup" while logged in as user "admin"
Every other user has access to the software but prior to executing it tries to access "C:\Users\admin\Desktop\Setup\setup.msi" so that it can configure the user.

Getting: "Please wait while Windows configures [ProductName]..." when logged in as another user.

How do I get around this?
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Level 6

Hello. jtorre.

It looks like Windows Installer does 'Self-repair'.

'When self-repair kicks in it is 100% certain that a file or registry key is missing that is set as key path in a component in the MSI.'

Do you mean if you log in as admin, the problem doesn't appear?

If so,maybe the application can not access some file needed...

You may want to try to get msi.log and figure out what file is missing.

How to enable Windows Installer logging

To enable Windows Installer logging
To enable Windows Installer logging yourself, open the registry with Regedit.exe and create the following path and keys:
Reg_SZ: Logging
Value: voicewarmupx

Log file will be created in %temp% location.
After logging, open it by text editor and find the string 'FileCopy' or 'InstallFiles'. There will be hint for missing files around where you find them.

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