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Run Silent

Using InstallScript I have created a basic project, all it does it create 1 folder. When I run this it does create the 1 folder. But if I runt his with a /s it does Not create the folder. I have even added a /s under "Releases\setup.exe\setup command line" and even doing that when I run it the folder does not get created.

Please don't tell me you have to create an .iss file just to run your script? We need to deploy packaged apps via SCCM and we only want copy 1 .EXE/.MSI to our SCCM DP's.

How do all of you handle deploying InstallScripts via SCCM and make them run in silent mode?
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Level 4

You do need to create an ISS file. but, then, in the appropriate event code, you can just test to see whether you are in SILENT MODE (set by running with /s) and then set your TARGETDIR yourself in code or to it's default value.

save that ISS file and reuse it with every build. put it in your source control.

we have just done this with some of our stuff, and will be making it available to all our installers.

you may need to recreate your iss (even though you never really use it or read it in) when you have major changes to your setup.
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