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Requiring reactivation which fails with error 20653

I am an occasional user of Installshield 2010 Express Edition and after not using it for a few months I restart it and it wants to re-activate, which I have never seen before.

Re-activation fails with error 20653 The number of activations allowed for this account has been exceeded.

It is an upgrade installation and there is no other installation. I am the sole developer in a very small company.

I don't know who to contact now.:(
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Level 17

The reactivation process is explained in the following KB article:
Q200878: Activation of InstallShield 2010 and Later

Error 20653 typically occurs if a user attempts to install and then activate InstallShield using the same serial number on more than one machine. If you are having trouble with activation or reactivation, try contacting Support at
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Level 4

This link is broken: Q200878: Activation of InstallShield 2010 and Later
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Level 17

Hmm. I'm not seeing any problems with the link. Are you using a recent version of Internet Explorer? If so, make sure that you've turned on compatibility mode by clicking the Compatibility View button. It's to the right of the address bar in IE. Its icon has a broken page. If this is not enabled, you'll see a blank page when you try to view the article.
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