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Replacing/updating cab file from MSI database using MS APIs


I have a requirement to replace some file from a MSI database using MS Windows installer SDK. i cannot use any tool for this.

Steps followed to replace the file.
1. Openend the MSI dataabse.
2. Read a stream containing
3. Copied this stream on my local drive.
4. Extracted the to abc folder (using CAB SDK).
5. replaced some files ( file statistics in the extracted folder.
6. Created a cab using CAB SDK. (But the cab size comes out to be smaller one as compared to one i have extracted from MSI database).
7. Now i wanted to link/use this updated cab in my MSI databaase.

I have tried these steps for doing this.

MsiRecordSetString(hRecord, 1, "");
MsiRecordSetStream(hRecord, 2, "c:\\");
MsiViewModify(hView, MsiModify.Replace , hRecord) -- is giving me error - functionFailed.

i wanted to know the steps to acheieve the same.

Waht are the steps to replace an existing cab with the same cab but with different files packed in it.

Pls, help this is pretty urgent.

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Level 5

Anyone any ideas ?
Robert, josh any ideas
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Any idea Robert and all???
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Installshiled Experts, any quots from you guys??
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