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Replacement for PackageFortheWeb Tool


Till now we are using PackageForTheWeb tool from Installshiled to create the self extractable EXE and now we are facing some problem in Windows 2003machine and contacted Installshiled support for the same. But they replied saying this software is outdated and no more support for the same.

Please anybody can tell the replacement for PackageForTheWeb tool.

My requirement:
Single EXE, on double clicking, it should display License agreement. On clicking Next button, it should start the Extraction of files to Temp Directory. Once the Extraction is completed, it should invoke the executable from the temp with some parameters. After the execution, it should delete the Files extracted in the Temp directory.
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Level 5

Package For The Web is still a tool that we use...I'm interested to hear what issue(s) you've found with it.
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