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Level 3

Removing files during installation

Hello there,

I am working with Installshield 2012 Pro.

I created a new basic msi file.

I would like to know how to delete a file during installation?
This file is not part of the msi.

I tried using the RemoveFile Table with no success.

Can you give me an example how to delete c:\Test\test.xls while installing?
Whant is the simple way to do this king of action?

Thank you very much.
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Level 7

hi ,
you can use an coustom action to do that .if it not an part of an msi.
you can use the vbs script the code is as fallows.

Set obj = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

and sequence it as required.
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Level 3

Is there any way to do it without writing code?

Some option that is built into Installshield.

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Not applicable

Using RemoveFile table, InstallMode column set to 1.
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