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Removing a component during minor upgrade?

Hi all,

We have our initial release of our software out and are now working on a service pack (minor upgrade).

However, we are removing one of the files installed initally (a .dll). So I removed that file/component from the project. When I add the file to be removed to the RemoveFile table and compile I get a 'Val0006 error: The component 'blahblah.dll' identified by componentID... is missing from the newest version of your setup. You cannot delete components and still do a minor upgrade.'

Why is this? Can I just remove the file, leave the component empty and perhaps get around this or do i need to do a major upgrade?
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What I do is provide a 0 byte file during the build, mark the component as transitive ( reevaluate = true ) and give it a condition of something that will evaluate to false like GOAWAY=1. This will cause MSI to remove the file during the minor upgrade.
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