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Removing Windows Service Problem in Install Shield 2013 Professional

We want to buy installshield professional edition but before related action, we are using trial edition in order to decide buying or not. In this phase, we have a problem about windows service uninstallation. We added service into Services part and added events into control settings and set installStart-> Yes, UninstallStop->Yes, UninstallDelete->yes but end of uninstallation, myService.exe still exists in related location and we can see the service in services list. It is stopped and still here. Could you give an idea about deleting service exe and removing from service list? Screen shot can be seen on the attachment.
Thanks and Regards.
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A verbose log may help you troubleshoot the issue. The KB article Q106551 explains how to create the log.
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Thanks for your response. I created logs and I can see the related result about deleting service but I could not see the problem from these logs. I added also, setup.log file as attachment. Maybe, you can give an idea about the problem.

UnpublishFeatures: Feature: Unpublishing product features
Action ended 15:11:20: UnpublishFeatures. Return value 1.
MSI (s) (D0:B0) [15:11:20:744]: Doing action: StopServices
Action 15:11:20: StopServices. Stopping services
Action start 15:11:20: StopServices.
Action ended 15:11:20: StopServices. Return value 1.
MSI (s) (D0:B0) [15:11:20:745]: Doing action: DeleteServices
Action 15:11:20: DeleteServices. Deleting services
Action start 15:11:20: DeleteServices.
Action ended 15:11:20: DeleteServices. Return value 1.
MSI (s) (D0:B0) [15:11:20:746]: Doing action: UnregisterComPlus
Action 15:11:20: UnregisterComPlus. Unregistering COM+ Applications and Components
Action start 15:11:20: UnregisterComPlus.
MSI (s) (D0:B0) [15:11:20:747]: Note: 1: 2205 2: 3: Complus
MSI (s) (D0:B0) [15:11:20:747]: Note: 1: 2228 2: 3: Complus 4: SELECT `ComponentId`, `FileName`, `Component`.`Directory_`, `ExpType`, `Component`.`Action`, `Component`.`Installed` FROM `Complus`, `Component`, `File` WHERE `Complus`.`Component_` = `Component` AND `Component`.`KeyPath` = `File`.`File` AND `Action` = 0
Action ended 15:11:20: UnregisterComPlus. Return value 0.
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The problem is that the component named WindowsService.Primary_output is not getting uninstalled. Therefore, your service is not getting deleted. You may want to try running the MSI validation from the Build | Validate | Full MSI Validation Suite menu to see if there are any validation errors against the component.

MSI (s) (D0:B0) [15:11:17:034]: Component: WindowsService.Primary_output; Installed: Local; Request: Absent; Action: Null

Hope that helps.
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