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Level 7

Register Extensions with Basic MSI

I'm new to Basic MSI projects since I've always used InstallScript projects in the past. Tried to follow the help file for registering a file extension with no luck. In File Types view, I right click on Extensions and add an extension "zzz" (for .zzz). In the properties, I put:

ProgID: zzzfile 
MIME Type:

I don't want any verbs beside Open. In the Open Verb properties, I have:

Command Sequence:
Display Name: &Open with Program 2.1
Argument: -v "%1" (I'm not too clear on what the argument is for, but this seemed like a good one based on help\forum posts).

Now in the ProgIDs folder, there's a new item called zzzfile, for which I entered these properties:

COM Class: 
Description: .zzz files are used with Program 2.1 and earlier
Icon file: \program21.exe
Icon Index: 11

I've tried a bunch of things, with no luck. If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it.

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Level 10

Unless your program requires the -v before the "%1", you probably want to take it off.

And in the ProgID section, you probably don't want as long a string as ".zzz files are used with Program 2.1 and earlier" as this description is what appears in the Windows Explorer "Type" column when you view a folder with the Details view.
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Level 7

Thanks for the suggestions. Still nothing.

There aren't a whole lot of options in the File Types view, I can't figure out what I might be missing...
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Flexera Alumni

Is the key file of the component that contains these settings the EXE that will open your .zzz files?
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Level 7

Thanks for the hint. The component showed the correct key file in the Key file column, but I needed to right click the file itself and select Set Key File. Everything worked great once I did that.

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