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Receiving errors with 2010 Limited Edition for Visual Studio

I am trying to create an installation package using 2010 Limited Edition for Visual Studio and I am running into several issues trying to get it to work for me.

First, sometimes during compile, I receive the following error message.

-6017: The build was unable to extract COM information; make sure that you are running as Administrator.

This takes me to the following link: 0 89815305

I have registered IsRegSpy.exe on my machine and I am running as an Administrator.

This does not happen everytime, but does probably 50% of the time that I build.

When I do get it to build and I run the install package, I get an error immediately with a title of "##IDS_ERROR_7##" and a message of "IDS_ERROR1####IDS_ERROR_2803##".

I also get an error logged to the event log that just states: "##IDS_ERROR_80##".

Any suggestions? I am at a loss at what I may be doing wrong.

Let me know if there is any other info I can give. I am using Visual Studio 2010 Professional on a Windows 7 Ultimate machine.

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Please disregard. After I turned the registration type to None for the dll's in my package, the issue was resolved.

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