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Q200307: HOTFIX: Download


I need the Hotfix for Q200307: HOTFIX: InstallShield Crashes when Building a QuickPatch I can not download the file :mad: :mad: :mad:

many thanks Wolfgang
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How did you try to obtain the download? Did you click the file link? If you click the link, does anything happen?

When I click that link in your post (which points to a URL), my browser gets redirected to a URL. Then when I click the file link in the KB article, I am able to download the file.

Does your browser get redirected to a page? If it does not, you won't be able to obtain the download. Maybe you have the KB article cached on your system, and if you clear your cache, the problem will go away? Or is your browser somehow configured to avoid redirecting to different domains?

In any case, here's a direct link to the file:

I hope that helps.
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DebbieL wrote:
Did you click the file link? If you click the link, does anything happen?

many thanks for your help

I tried the download by clicking the link but nothing happend - on 4 PCs I tried Opera 9.64, FireFox 3.014, IE6 and IE8 - whith the Internet Explorer I got a Script error somthing like not enough access rights for the site :confused: ok tried the download at my home office with the same result clicking the Link but nothing happend

i tried it 4 hours before nothing happend but now it is ok a additional window is opend and the download starts automatically.

many thanks 🙂
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