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Properties are resetting in Installshield

In the property manager create a sample property "PROPERTY_TO_TEST" and set it to 0. Add a new function in install script and use MsiSetProperty to set the value to 1. At the end of installation catch the event during Finish button click and if we read the value of the property it is '0'.

The installer is resetting the properties to default value.

In my case I have a property which refers to some path and during Finish button click, I need to use the path for launching something from that path. Since the properties are resetting, I am not able to use it. I even added the property in secure custom property, still it resets.

Any thoughts on how I could restore the property value?

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Hi Rayner,


 You can use the set property customaction also to set the property value, and then sequence this action in any button in the dialogs and it will help you set the property value,

Please refer the screenshot attached,

If you want to do it only with installscript then you need to check the log when this specific property value is changed to 1 and then changed it back to 0, 

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I saw the logs. It is resetting to default value when the MSI engine is done, which means when we are at the SuccessCompleted dialog page all the public properties are resetted.

Yes, I already tried to set the property using custom action set property. That also resets. BUT I found the problem why it resets. I just added the Install Exec sequence for the custom action, if we want to have the properties sustain, then we need to set the UI sequence too.


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Great! Rayner

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