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Level 3

Prompt for SQL connection during the installation

I have "InstallShield 2012 Spring Limited Edition for Visual Studio" and am just using it to create my Setup and Deployment project of my solution.

I want to prompt for the SQL Server and db name in the install interview. I don't need to run any SQL scripts, but their is a connection string in the main project in my solution that will be different depending on where the project is installed. Can I do this in my version of Install Shield? If so, how/where?

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Level 17

Unfortunately, InstallShield 2012 Spring Limited Editon does not include support for creating custom dialogs. You may want to consider upgrading to Professional or Premier edition. The higher editions also include a built-in SQL connection dialog which will be automatically included into your installation when you add a connection in the SQL Scripts view.

Hope that helps.
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