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Programs and features item not removed

An InstallShield Major Upgrade is supposed to silently uninstall the previous version, yet I see that version remaining in Windows Programs and features.

The files I expected to be gone and added from the Major Upgrade, are gone or added. 

Btw - Upgrade Code didn't change.  The version, product code and package code did change.

Why the remnant in Programs and features?

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What is your project type? Basic MSI, InstallScript MSI?

When you install newer version, what is happening? Meaning are you seeing 2 entries in control panel old entry and new version entries?

Did you check the installation verbose log and check for find related products and see its able to find older version or not, 

if you could not able to find, please generate verbose installation log and share the same 

Here is a link to documentation about how to generate a verbose Installation log:

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It is an installscript project and I am compressing the release into a setup.exe.

It ends up with two entries in the control panel's programs and features; one for each version.

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Thanks for your response, Since its a installscript project, you need to first uninstall older version using script, Basic MSI and installScript MSI has that option of major upgrade automatically using upgrade, 

Please refer below link and refer "Uninstall Previous Version of an Application" 

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