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Program still shows in local services of Control Panel after uninstall

I got a Basic MSI project and made some changes.

The msi I created worked fine and installed correctly. But after I did an uninstall of the program from Control Panel and removed the program folders under 'Program Files' and 'ProgramData', and reboot the computer, I can still see the program listed as a service in Control Panel's Local Service although it can not be started. Where did I do wrong? Thanks
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rguggishberg, Thank you for the reply.

I did a Refresh (F5) on the Services (Local) window of Control Panel and even a restart of Windows. It is still there. I am using Windows 7 Professional.

rguggisberg wrote:
I think you just need to hit F5 to refresh the control panel screen.

It is interesting to note that if you uninstall a suite (which uninstalls its associated packages) the Suite is removed from the list, but you need to hit F5 to refresh the screen to update the list for the packages.
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