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Level 3

Process starting twice

I have a Basic MSI project with the following
1. Custom action that starts an executable at the end of the execute phase
2. A short to the same exe in the all users startup folder.
Here are my results
With both set to be used
The process starts twice, once at the end of the install and the second starts when I click finish in the installer

With the CU enabled only
One process starts, but only after clicking finish

With the Shortcut only
Again one process starts, but only after clicking finish

I need to have this process start, but before the user clicks finish and it needs to start every time someone logs in to the machine
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Level 7

1.) In order to start an executable at the end of the installation before finish dailog place an custom action to run after install finalize in imediate mode and to start the application when ever user login then create an service to start an procees at system startup.
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Level 3

Thanks for the response. I have placed the start process step after the install finalize and we are still getting the same behavior. I am not sure what you mean by create a service to start the process.
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