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Problems wit the silent mode

If I want to use the silent modeI have the problem with Redistributables under a feature.
If the feature is set default to install and I use this Commadline

1. Setup.exe /s /debuglog"SetupV20.log" /v" /qn INSTALLDIR=e:\Programme\vMeasure\vSignalyzer_by_Jenkins_x64" all feature are installed.

When I used this commandline

2. Setup.exe /s /debuglog"Setup2000.log" /instance=10 /ig{F10241A9-F59D-4A5E-A44E-67731E09A484} /v" /qn INSTALLDIR=E:\Programme\CANape\CANape2000_by_Jenkins_x64"

The fatures are not installed, the problem is the "/instance=10 /ig{F10241A9-F59D-4A5E-A44E-67731E09A484}", someone here which known this problem and have a solution?

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Is your setup is a multi instance setup ? if not an multi instance setup may i know why you passing below instance id

/instance=10 /ig{F10241A9-F59D-4A5E-A44E-67731E09A484}

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