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Problem with installing *.dll in GAC

Hi, community.

I have an easy project. I want to install common dll to GAC. When I built release, I had a lot of warnings about dependencies. I tried to disable these warnings by settings ".Net scan at build" = "None".

Strange behaviour, all dll with this setting installed in c:\ but not in GAC. Please, check my attachments.

Any idea how I can use this property and install dll into GAC?

Thanks in advance, Alex
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Level 4

Support answer:

If you would like to install an assembly to the Global Assembly Cache, the .NET Scan at Build setting for the assembly’s component must be set to either Properties Only or Dependencies and Properties. If it is set to none then the files would end up under the root directory.

Kindly refer the below helpnet article which has more information regarding NET Scan at Build setting.
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