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Problem After upgrade


I am working on a Basic MSI project using Installshield 2008.
I have noticed that the [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{ProductCode}\] registry entry is removed on uninstall after the first installation, but if i apply a minor upgrade and then uninstall the application than this entry is not getting removed.

So after that if i try to reinstall the application it take me to the maintenance mode.

Let me describe the procedure:
Install version 1.0 of my product.
Perform a minor upgrade using the version 1.1 of the MSI package.
The above registry entry is still present.
Now if I directly uninstall than the entry does not go. and the product is still shown in add remove programs

Is that behaviour normal?

Than i i try to install 1.1 then it takes me to reinstall mode...
and if i try to install 1.0 than it prompts that other version of the product is already installed.

command used to upgrade is

After upgrading if i uninstall the application than it is still executing the old script code... that means that still old msi is cached.
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Is there a reason why you are using REINSTALLMODE="va" for your upgrade?

To recache the new msi you need to use REINSTALLMODE="vomus".

Kiran Hegde
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I am using 'va' instead of 'vomus' .. because i want to replace all file irrespective of file version. m-u-s are for re-cache HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE , HKEY_USER, and shortcuts entries respectively.
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