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Prevent my MSI project to try to install 'InstallShield 2018'

For an unexplained reason, my basic MSI project tries to install 'InstallShield 2018' feature, before running my installer !!

How can prevent my installer project to start with the installation of 'InstallShield 2018' feature

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Hi @herbertkoelman 

Can you check the log file or event viewer, why the installshield msi is getting triggered during your installer. 

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I have run the installer again and saved the MSI log file (see attached file). I have read the file but I failed to find anything related to the 'InstallShield 2018' feature installation.

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This is dialog that appears.

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Hi @herbertkoelman,


 I was asking to check the system event viewer, for any logging related to feature conflict. 


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What kind of feature conflict must I check ?
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If I run into this problem I go to the Event Viewer and search in "Windows Logs->Application" for Warnings/Errors from MsiInstaller. That should give you a hint.

Just a sample:




In fact I found an error message that says:

Product: InstallShield 2018 -- Error 1706.No valid source could be found for product InstallShield 2018.  The Windows Installer cannot continue.

In fact it tries to install something that was previously downloaded by another user on my computer. The un-accessible installer is C:\Users\aroman\AppData\Local\Downloaded Installations\IS2018R2\{3818D126-580C-41B0-9C36-650AD3C3CD07}\ (The user aroman was removed from my dev machine).

Do you have an idea on how I could fix this ?

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If the registry keys from the user who installed InstallShield do exists you could copy from the old user to your user.

The data is stored in:



You have to check which GUID's are from the InstallShield 2018 installation.

There is also the "SourceList" stored.

May be the easiest is to make a test installation on a virtual machine to check which registry keys are created.



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