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Prerequisites / search conditions


I'm looking to add a couple of prerequisites / search conditions to my MSI Basic project.

The requested conditions are:

- if MS WinWord is installed
- If MS WinWord 2007 or 2010 is installed
- If MS WinWord 2007 is installed
- 2007 Office system hotfix package 976477 is installed

It's some very usual stuff (MS Office / Word and hotfix) and I was hoping to have some already build in IS, but I cannot find it.

So I hope somebody knows already how to set these up.

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Level 8

Try querying registry keys using InstallScript functions.
An example would be querying registry using RegDBKeyExist to find:
If the above key exists, it would show that the user has Office Word installed.
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Level 10

Or set up your own searches on the registry keys using the AppSearch table, which shows up in the System Search view.
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Level 9

System search would be the best and easiest option to look in for.
Can query for registry entry or look for specific folders/files related to Winword
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Thank you all for the suggestions, but...

I know I have to look for some registry keys using system search, I know how to do it.

I was looking for some specific keys. I was hoping that somebody knows exactly what to look for in the given cases.

The first suggestion for WinWord application is not enough. I need more details, like the version.

For example, to check if Word 2007 is installed I search for:


I still don't know how to find out if a specific Microsoft Office hotfix was installed...
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