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Level 13

Prerequisite command Line specify system folder

Is there a way to include a reference to a system folder in the Prerequisite Editor? I have an executable that has the following switches.

/Q /T:

I need to specify a system folder for /T, and of course I do not want to hard code this path. I have tried inserting and [WindowsFolder] but neither one seem to resolve correctly.

To be clear I am in the editor on the Application to Run tab, and I am editing the command line for the application text fields.

Thanks for any clarification you can give on this.
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Level 13

I just figured out the answer to my own question. I was thinking that the prerequisite pulls the values from the MSI - which is silly since the MSI is not unpacked yet. The prerequisite is dependent on the Command Line for its values - so it resolves things like system paths using Command line values. Therefore paths like %windir%\System32 will resolve correctly in the command line for /T:%windir%\System32

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Level 9

If you setup the prereq as a Feature Prereq, you can also use properties like:
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