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Possible to avoid Upgrade confirmation screen???


I create two Builds of the same product (Basic MSI Install shield 2009).
First i create a build with product vesion 1.00.0000,
Next i create another build of the same product just by changing the product version to 2.00.0000

first i install the product with version number 2.00.0000 in my system, The product is installed successfully.
Next i start installing the product with version number 1.00.0000 in the system.

In this scenario i get the Upgrade confirmation dailog (Do u want to upgrade "[Product Name]" with a Yes/No dailog) When i click Yes i get Later version error message (Newer version of the same product is already installed in the system with OK button). when i click OK the installation ends.
Is there any way to skip displaying the Upgrade confirmation dialog and directly display the Later version installed error message to the user.

Is it feasible in BASIC MSI install shield 2009 project?

If u know the solution or any relevent details of how the windows installer handels this thing please let me know.

Thanks in advance..
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Level 4

Consider a product "X" is already installed in my system,
If I run latest version of the same product, Upgrade confirmation screen is displayed.

I understand that somewhere Product version validation is done and displays the upgrade confirmation dailog.

Do anyone know whether Windows installer or the install shield itself is doing this validation?

Please let me know if u have any idea about this.

Thanks in advance.
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Level 10 Flexeran
Level 10 Flexeran

For small updates and minor upgrades, the upgrade check is performed by setup.exe. You can change the setup to not prompt for upgrades and instead automatically install them (through the Upgrades view, Upgrade Windows Installer Setup). In the case where a downgrade would occur, the setup silently fails (although a setup debug log will indicate that a newer product version is installed).
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