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Please help!

I have a big basic msi project that sets a lot of private and public properties via installscript custom actions.
Now I need to reboot in the middle of the setup.

So I have scheduled a 'ForceReboot' action in the Execute Sequence.

The issue I've problems with is that I've setted a public property 'SYSTEMNAME' in the uisequence of the install.
In the very beginning it is setted to a default value and later on it can be changed. The public property has the changed value on the point of reboot('CVESERVER').

After the reboot, I ask via a custom installcript action the value of 'SYSTEMNAME' and it is empty!?

I've created a clean testproject where I do exactly the same thing(setting a default value for a public property, change it, reboot and ask it again). This works without any problem.

I've created two verbose logs for both setups(which I have also added to this mail) and in the logfile of the setup that works I see 1 line that I don't see in the setup that fails... saying 'Suspended install detected. Resuming.' After this line you see all 'necessary' properties who are added again(with the value they had before the reboot). I neither see these properties being added again in the setup that fails.

I'm thinking that in my big main project, I'm using too much properties so I can't (re)store them anymore. Can this be the problem or is it something else.

Can someone give my some advice please.
It's urgent :(
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Re: Please help!

Hey Christoph,

is every property empty or back to default after the reboot?

I'm pretty convinced that you have to reload all properties once restart the setup. I'm using InstallScript MSI and as far I can tell you all my properties are reset to default when the STATUSEX dialog is through and the finish dialog opens.

Hope it helps a little.

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