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Per User Repair Install Question(s)

Hi All,

Here's my situation in a nutshell... Both installing users are Admins on the target machine. User1 installs our software and is able to initiate the software without repair. User2 logs into the system and initiates our application (from an advertised shortcut), which initiates a repair install to write various user specific items.

Now, we switch back to User1. When he/she launches the install, a repair is initiated. After checking the Event Log, the process detects that a user item from User2's profile is missing. Why in the world is this occuring?

Is the repair process initiated by User2's initial login somehow not registered as the install process 'owner'.

If I log on as User2 and initiate our app at this point, a repair is once again initiated as a User1 piece is missing. What in the world gives?

I guess I should mention that I'm testing on a Win 7 x64 system with UAC set as the highest level (the only level above the default I believe).

I am making a push to remove user specific items from our install in a move to a per machine installation. Our application could/should then handle user specific settings on launch.

If anyone can help me sort this out and determine if there is any way around this behavior or if it is typical Windows Behavior I would be more than appreciative. I wonder if it is because I changed our shortcut to advertised a while back.

Thanks in advance!
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Level 11

There's no difference if the launching shortcut is Advertised or not. The behavior is the same.

Why, when the apps are repaired, are they then broken for another user that was already functioning?
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