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Passing Properties in Suite installers to packages

Probably and easy question but I am having a hell of a time passing properties from my Suite installer to my InstallScript packages.

I set a variable in the Wizard for installation path (INSTALLDIR). I set the following, but I must be doing something wrong, any help would be appreciated, completely new to Suite installers and their is very little out there on YouTube about it.

2019-09-09 09_46_20-Remote Desktop Manager [SSGBUILD1].png

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Flexera Alumni

Hi @DonAIR ,


How about passing the Suite property inside quotes?Eg:TARGETDIR="[INSTALLDIR]"

Example would be:

For example:
NOTE: If you want to pass a suite property to the package you may want to use the escape character \" as part of the command line in the event there are spaces in the suite property.
Please refer:
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@Jenifer thank you for the info but still no luck. Still doesn't use the property at all. I tried it with and without the \.

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Hi @DonAIR ,



Which ever link i had shared with example is for package type of exe.For installscript package type,you can pass only properties like ISFeatureInstall and ISFeatureRemove.So it might not possible to pass other properties for installscript package.

Below link can tell you in detail about what can be passed as commandline parameters for different package types:




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Hi @DonAIR ,


I'm not sure what goes wrong.

But essential is to create the /debuglog"C:\Temp\SetupSuite.log" log file to verify what's wrong.

There please check if your variable is resolved, or just upload the log file or parts of the log file, then I take a look and may be I can give you a hint.



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