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Level 5

Passing Arguments to Managed code in suite/advanced UI

Hi team, 

     In our project, we have UI wizard to collect User crendential and Validating the given input is mandatory. We have written CustomAction.dll with validateUserCrendentials Method for the same but there is no option in installshield to pass the arguments(user inputs) to method which is defined in Event as "New DLL" action.

The same CustomAction.dll is used in our another Basic MSI project for user crendential validation.

Please suggest on same.


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Level 5

Hi @varul 

    We are able to pass arguments for the same dll in basic MSI project but there is no option to pass the arguments for same class and method in suite/advancedUI. Do we have any other option to validate username,Domain and password in suite/advancedUI 



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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hi @Nithyapriya 

You added this New Dll directly in suite project not in BMSI right?

If you are want to pass it in suite NEW DLL Customaction, You can refer our help document,

If you want to pass the user inputs to BMSI project added in suite, you can do it by setting the property value using package--> Operation section --> install --> Commandline field values.

Make sure you have user input fields in suite UI to get this property values.

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