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Only one primary output gets shared dll

(Using InstallShield 2011 Basic MSI Project)

When multiple projects reference a single assembly, and the projects' primary outputs are added to different directories in the setup project, the referenced assembly is placed in only one of the folders. Another way to explain it:

Project A references MyLibrary.dll
Project A's primary output is added to the base installation directory.

Project B references MyLibrary.dll
Project B's primary output is added to a subdirectory of the installation.

MyLibrary.dll is placed in only Project A OR Project B's directory, not both as I would expect.

MyLibrary.dll shows in both primary output's "Dependencies from scan at build..." dialog box, so it recognized there is a dependency.
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Level 2

I have this exact same problem. Is there a resolution for this? For now, the only way I've found to do this is to turn off dependency checking on all the .NET assemblies and then manage the dependency file addition manually.
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Level 2

Anyone from Flexera have a solution for this? Thanks!
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Level 3


I have exactly the same problem with Installshield 2013.

How can I solve it ?

Please it is urgent.

Thanks in advance.

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Level 5

Exact same problem here with VS 2013 premier.

Anyone have any ideas?
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