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Flexera beginner

Offline activation ERROR - InstallShield2008

I'm using InstallShield products including InstallShield 2008.
There is a problem that Warning messagebox that I need an activation on it showed up from last week.

Last year, I met the same problem.
At that time, I sent your employee the xml file and he let it activate InstallShiled2008.
And now, I meet the same problem again.

Although I found some related posts, the attached link is not available.
There is only the message that "The page you are trying to access was not found. ...".

How can i solve it?
Please let me know the key to solve it.

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Re: Offline activation ERROR - InstallShield2008

Hi @jkoh_2268 ,

In order to get the offline xml for reactivation, you can contact Flexera Support:

Or you can also contact via mail,

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