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Offline Activation doesn't prompt for activation code

Hi Folks, hoping somebody can help me here.


I have an installation of InstallShield 2018 that was licensed and working properly earlier this year. I tried to open it recently and was told I need to re-activate. I am unable to reactivate online due to my firewall, so I chose Offline Reactivation.

I followed the steps, uploaded the request file and downloaded the response file, but then when I click Next I am taken to a screen that says Activation Complete without being given any way to upload the response file. 

When I then try to open InstallShield I am still being prompted to reactivate, so the product is obviously missing a step - is there some way I can get this working?




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Level 2

Hi Larry,

I have registered a case for you and will get in touch with you through case email.



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Has this been resolved? If so can you share the solution? I have the same problem with InstallShield 2020.

I am also have the same problem with InstallShield 2020 R2.  

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I'm yet to hear anything further on this one - not sure if Vinay is legit or not.

Bumping to see if I can get an answer!

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You can contact support via activation chat which you can find in a clickable box image on the right hand side here: 

Or you can contact support via phone or email using the details at this link: 

Stefan Krueger /
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