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Off-line Installation DotNetFx.exe

We have a package, that is connected to the internet works fine.

Some customer download the package and install it on offline machines.

The is the issue. When the package attempts to install Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 SP2, instead of extracting it form the Setup.Exe it appears to be trying to download it, we get the message:

An error has occurred while downloading the file what would you like to do?
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Level 2

Yesterday, I had the same problem, so I did a lot of digging around to figure it out. There is a right click menu available when you find your selected redistributable package (checked in the list). Right click on the .NET selection then go to Properties. You will have 3 choices presented in the drop down box as the source of the installation - Source file, Web or Setup.exe. You will need to select Setup.exe. It seems to look to the web as default. Hope that helps. I don't know everything that you're trying to do so if this is way off, forgive me.
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