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Level 2

Nothing happens second time!

I've just started evaluating InstallShield 2015 (Premier edition) and have hit a problem!

I've created a new project with a few custom dialogs to collect information about which website the user wishes to install their application against.

I've also created a custom action (which calls methods in a c# dll) in order to do the installation (or update) of the web site.

The first time it runs in works perfectly, however if I try to run it a second time nothing happens. The initial "please wait while the application is configured screen" briefly appears but that is it. (Same happens with the Test option)

The uninstall option also doesn't work.

If I run setup.exe manually then it asks if I wish to perform an upgrade, starts to run and then says that "The wizard was interrupted..."

I've tried recreating the project from scratch and exactly the same thing happened. I've also tried switching on logging, but no file is generated. (I might be doing this bit wrong!).

I've also tried a reboot and also removing any custom actions from the UI sequence.

Any ideas?


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Level 5

For your Custom Action, what are your Action and Sequence settings?
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