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Not able to Reactivate InstallShield 2016

Since yesterday, we are facing a problem of reactivation of license on InstallShield
This was working fine on the machine on which it was installed, however, it suddenly started giving a message that the Activation Code should be “Reactivated”.
If we try to reactivate the license using the online reactivation we get an Error: 
“Error 51501 - Unknown Result”
There is an option to reactivate offline, I am able to generate the Request file for that and get the Response File from the website for the same. However, there does not seem to be an option to import the response file. 
One of the threads on your forum explains the exact same problem I am facing:
However, it seems they solved the problem by getting help from support.
Can you please suggest how to resolve this.
I am at loss on how the license stopped working all of a sudden
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Hi @hsachdeva ,


For every one year reactivation occurs,i would suggest you to contact Flexera support via support@flexerasoftware.com with all the relevant details.




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