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Not a able to create custom dialog box. "Resolve Conflict" message?

I have an "InstallScript" MSI project. Over several days I have created about 4 custom dialogs. They all work great. 

Today I am trying to create a new custom dialog box. In the Dialog Wizard I first select "Script Based Dialog", but when I press the "Finish" button, I get an error dialog box labeled "Resolve Conflict". 

No exact message is given as to what the issue is. At the top of each dialog box is a control id the represents the title of the dialog box. "ControlId_50". That is the only think I can think of that could be wrong, but not sure? Very confusing. Attached is a screen snapshot of how the error dialog box look. I could not include the actual image of the error dialog box, so my mockup is attached. So how can I resolve this?







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Hi @ralphster ,

This issue is not reproducible in the latest version of InstallShield. 

Looks like there is a conflict with the string table while adding new dialog, some of the string  IDs already present on your project string table. You can check the IDS_NewDialog_ControlId in the string table (shown in your attached image) and take action accordingly whether it is OK to over write existing string with the new value or skip (if it OK to continue with the existing string in the string table). 

If you are going to overwrite the string, check where and all it is used and it function without any issue.

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