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No upgrage/update option

We would like our InstallShield 2011 installer (basic MSI) to NEVER offer the option to upgrade or update.
If you run the IS2011 installer and our app is installed, it offers to upgrade the app.
In our non-ishield installers a dialog comes up that tells the user the app is already installed and that the user should uninstall before proceeding.

We went to the Upgrades feature in IS11 and set 'Small/Minor Update Settings' to DISABLE.
But in the section for 'Major Upgrade Settings' there is no option to disable.

Thanks for any help.
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I can't say for sure, but try setting your Min/Maximum Version to what your product is, and then the next installer change the min/max to what that currently is.

As long as the upgrade code is the same, it should see that it's there, but can't upgrade it because what's installed doesn't meet the min/max requirements.

'Media' - 'Upgrades' - 'Prepare Setup for Upgrade Scenarios' - 'Upgrade Windows Insatller Setup' - 'UpgradeItem' - 'Advanced'
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InstallShield allows you to add a major upgrade item which only detects if another version is installed. It also sets a PUBLIC property(default is ISACTIONPROP1 but you could give it another one. Always all uppercase) with a value if it does detect it.(figure1) Make sure you set Detect Only to "Yes".

This happens in the installation sequence during the FindRelatedProducts action. So if there is a related product the property gets a value.

You can then use that Property in a condition of an Error Custom Action which not only stops your installer it also gives a nice message to the user. (figure2)
The Not Installed part of my condition example is to make sure this only happens during installation.

Good luck,
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Thanks to all for the great information and assistance!
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