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Next/Previous Buttons too close in InstallScript Project


I am converting an Installshield Installscript project from Installshield 2015 to 2022. It is all going very smooth but the result looks a bit different. It looks like the buttons at the bottom are too close to one another and the side of the button is not correctly displayed, this was not the case with Installshield 2015.

License agreement dialog in Installshield 2022License agreement dialog in Installshield 2022

As you can see the right border of the "Zurück" Button is not displayed, this is the same problem for all dialogs that contains the "previous" and "next" buttons, independently of the selected language (here in german).

I thought this was a conversion problem so I recreated a Project from scratch with Installshield 2022 instead of converting my existing 2015 project but the result was the same. I am able to edit the dialogs under "User interface -> Dialogs" and add a single pixel space between the two buttons and the buttons are then correctly displayed. Since I do not want to rely on a custom look for all of my dialogs, in 9 languages, I wanted to know if someone knows of this problem and if there is a more general solution for it?



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