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New .net 4.0 App Pool will Upgrade all 2.0 App pools to 4.0 as well?

Hi All, Im looking into a bug with our installer. We're not doing anything complex all it does is:
- Create an IIS Virtual Directory under the Default Website
- Creates a new .net 4.0 app pool for the new Virtual Directory.

The bug is that if there is any app pools with .net 2.0 framework on the machine being installed to before the running the install, the install will automatically upgrade these to .net 4.0. The weird thing is that it wont just upgrade the original 2.0 app pool, it will take a copy of it and place "ASP.NET v4.0 .NET" + old app pool name and than assign the virtual directories that were previously pointing to the 2.0 app pool to the newly created 4.0 app pool.

This is a problem for a fair few web servers that require their older websites to be running on .NET 2.0 (example it breaks citrix).

Any ideas on why the installer would be doing this?

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Level 3

Anybody? I've been recommended by installshield to upgrade to 2013 but seems a bit immense to fix one issue that maybe a setting that im missing.
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