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New files added to project are not being copied to destination folder


I am working on an existing project, and I need to add couple of new files to it.

One is a .msi installer, the other is a setup folder for SQL Express with setup.exe in it and the third is a .txt file.
The first two files should be copied in the %temp% folder, while the third goes in the application installation folder C:\AppName.

I build the project, but none of these files are being copied. The old files are being included, but none of the new ones.

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance!


P.S. I am using InstallShield 2019 R2, version 25.

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Level 4

Hi ,

what type of project you are using in installshield.

Fresh installation or upgrade.


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I am working on a project from 2010 and it is for a fresh installation.


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While adding components atleast one file should have key component for reference .please find the below link




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I have done that, the file still doesn't appear in the temp/destination folder, while other files are appearing.
The weird thing is I tried it in InstallShield 2015 and it works there no problem
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Can you please share the screen shot of your project .



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Here are screenshots for one of the files I'm trying to include

As you can see it is not being copied to the temp folder.




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It seems there is nothing problem with setup everything is fine  . How you added files in setup.



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I just added them from Files and Folders, like shown in the screenshot. Created new component (on right click on the bde 5.01 folder -> New Component), added the file and made it a key. I haven't done anything else to that. 

Am I missing some steps? On 2015 it works, but on 2019 it doesn't. I am really confused.

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Just give a try .change the component settings as per screen shot Com.png





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1. have you extracted the installer and see whether all required files included in installer?

2. create msi log and check for files.


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Level 5

how did you add files?

create a component set the destination path and add files.

as you said you are working on existing project so refer other files how they are linked to components.

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I did refer to other files how they are being included, but to no avail.
I tried however building my project in InstallShield 2015 and it works there for some reason?!
The files are being compressed, or if I choose different release option to have them uncompressed sitting in the same folder as the setup.exe I can see the files that I'm trying to add, but they aren't being copied to the desired destination.
It is really weird and frustrating
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